Automatically create Excel files from CSVs

No one likes to open CSV files in Excel.
Create Excel workbooks for your users to download.
GoodGrids is a simple CSV to Excel spreadsheet conversion API.

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Do you want to offer Excel downloads?

It is difficult to create Excel spreadsheets in a program. Most people just offer CSV files. But CSVs have many problems. Many people would love to offer Excel files downloads of data, but don't have the resources to do so.

Use the GoodGrids API to export your data into an Excel spreadsheet. Create beautiful Excel files for your users, and skip the clumsy, error-prone, and inefficient CSV file altogether. It takes minimal programming and the results are stunning.

You can also use GoodGrids to quickly convert CSV to Excel files by hand, optimizing your workflow and saving time. Read More

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So easy!

  1. Create a formatted Excel file to serve as an example
  2. Upload your CSV file manually, via the API, or use Zapier
  3. You'll get an Excel file back that looks like your example with the data from your CSV

Beautiful Formatting

You have full control over how your Excel file looks. Reflect your brand in your exports.

Powerful Formulas

Do calculations directly in the Excel spreadsheet. Add footers with sums, counts, or other summaries.

Unicode Support

No strange issues caused by international characters which plague CSV files. René, Борис, and Mr. Nguyễn will be happy.

Time Savings

Your users import your CSV data into Excel anyway. Save them a cumbersome and error-prone step. They will be grateful.

Want to automate your CSV to Excel file conversion?

Each day you download a CSV file from your ERP system. You open it in Excel, fix the mangled dates, and replace any garbled international characters you can find. Next, you discard 14 columns that you don't need, and format the remaining 23 to look presentable. You add a few more columns containing formulas, and a footer that summarizes the data. After 20 minutes, you email this report to your boss. What a waste of time!

With GoodGrids, you can automate this repetitious process. Just upload an example Excel file, formatted like you want your resulting report to look like. Add formulas and a summary footer. Then, just upload the CSV file every day, and you will get a properly formatted Excel file, containing just the columns you want. Read More

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