Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert a tab-delimited file to an Excel worksheet using GoodGrids?


GoodGrids will try to intelligently determine what delimiter is being used in your uploaded file--call it artificial intelligence if you will.

You can set the field delimiter by hand as well, and spare our computers the effort of thinking.

Can I use formulas in the example Excel file template?

Yes. See the documentation for details.

Will non-ASCII characters be preserved correctly?

Yes. Unlike CSV files, Excel files created with GoodGrids will hav correct non-ASCII characters.

Can I use images in the example Excel file template?

Not yet. We are working on adding support for images in Excel file templates.

How do you keep the data I upload in CSV safe?


We only hold on to your data for as long as it is necessary to create the Excel file. Once we create the Excel file and you download it, all traces of the data uploaded in the CSV file are removed.

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