Convert CSVs to nicely-formatted Excel file automatically

Do you waste too much time converting CSV files by hand?

Does this sound anything like you?

Each day you download a CSV file from your online sales monitoring system. You launch Excel, open the CSV file, fix the bad dates, and replace any messed-up international characters you can find. Next, you get rid of seven columns that you don't need, and format the remaining 18 to look nice. You add a few more columns containing formulas, and a summary footer. After 15 minutes, you send this report to your boss.

Automatically create Excel files from CSVs

There is a better way.

With GoodGrids, you format an Excel spreadsheet to provide an example for the output file. In the first row, format the header. In the second row, define how you want all of your data rows to look. You can even include formulas that reference other columns. They will be translated correctly when your file is filled with data. You can even add a third footer row, which will calculate summary values from all of your data rows.

Once you upload this example Excel file to GoodGrids, you will have a ready-to-use conversion. You can manually upload CSV files to it and immediately get back nicely formatted Excel file. You can also use Zapier to connect your conversion with other automated workflows.

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