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Krystian Cybulski
Founder & CEO
+1 (415) 390 5127
EverTabs LLC
704 N. King Street Suite 500
Wilmington, DE 19899

About Us

GoodGrids converts CSV files to Excel spreadsheets via an API, web app, or Zapier.

Target Market

Websites and apps offering CSV download of data

Many websites offer data in CSVs for download. But CSVs have many problems. Creating Excel spreadsheets in software is difficult and many firms don't have the resources to do so. The GoodGrids API can be used to convert CSVs into nicely formatted Excel spreadsheets.

Business people wishing to automate their CSV-to-Excel conversion tasks

In many business processes, Excel is still king. Data gets downloaded from a source in CSV format. A person then spends time opening that file in Excel, fixing conversion issues, moving data around, and formatting the spreadsheet. With GoodGrids, they can automate this process.


The founder, Krystian Cybulski, has built custom solutions for converting data from various sources into Excel spreadsheets. This need is universal, from financial services, through hardware retail, to web-based applications. Unfortunately, more than once, it was deemed that building such an Excel export was too costly and the data export was left as CSV. GoodGrids was built to address this need in a simple-to-integrate and cost-effective manner.


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About the Founder

Krystian Cybulski has a long history of building web applications. He has helped clients and employers solve technical challenges with their reporting and process needs. Some of the firms he has been involved with include 15Five, Knight Capital Group (now Virtu Financial), and M&M Aerosace (part of B&E Aerospace).